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Jun 12 2017

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Build Credit for Business

If your business is starting out, think UpgradeUSA.

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At UpgradeUSA, we are committed to providing qualified small businesses with a credit line to so that they may make monthly payments for the technology they want or need for their small business.

Credit comes in many forms: loans, credit cards and leases. More than 80% of big businesses lease, but very few small businesses do, even though the cash-flow benefits accrue to them as well. Why don t more small businesses lease their capital equipment, like technology? Because they can t- they aren t given that option from many of their suppliers.

UpgradeUSA offers some unique advantages.  Because we work with some of the industry s largest technology companies, we have access to an enormous variety of products available on lease payment plans. Our monthly program delivers reasonably-priced, high-quality laptop, desktop and tablet computers, networking gear, printers, and much more. Our transactions are entirely online, so you can get what you need privately, without having to be inconvenienced by going into a retail store to make payments.

UpgradeUSA is not a credit repair company . Our payment plan program was created for small businesses in the situation where don t have a credit history, but they want to make a solid effort to establish themselves with a company that will help them build it.

After all, shouldn t small businesses who prefer to shop online also be entitled to payment plans?

The path to building a solid history starts with making consistent payments every month. We offer really fantastic products at a reasonable monthly price, treat our customers fairly, and we give small businesses a chance when others will not.

We also recognize that for some consumers and small business owners, just getting technology like the latest laptop at a low price is more important than building credit. For those customers, we offer a retail store, and we have a no-credit-check  payment plan outlet , where the industry s top products can be found for easy prices based on your unique pay schedule.

We ve served thousands of customers with our program. We d like you to experience our service for yourself! Give us a try and Apply Today!

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