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Jan 31 2018

Big Data

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Big Data

Here you can learn more about Big Data and find useful articles on Big Data and Cloud Computing. You can learn how to make big data presentations in PowerPoint and PPT on Big Data.

When it comes to any business, data is king. This is true especially in today’s data-driven culture. You need data, or also called business intelligence, to determine patterns, forecast events, or simply make critical business decisions. Microsoft Power Query is a powerful add-in for Excel which offers an enhanced business intelligence experience.

Business intelligence enables organizations to dig deep into raw data to make it more meaningful. Business intelligence is quite a heavily invested field, and many businesses spend a huge amount of money to gain meaningful analytics to resolve business problems and boost sales. Let s take a look at what is business intelligence and how can

With many businesses maintaining at least some kind of online presence and many relying completely from online sales, market automation is all but necessary for the survival of many commercial entities. Not only does market automation provide the opportunity to target a large chunk of potential customers from across the web but it also makes

SnowPlow is an open source event analytics platform for collecting and warehousing your data for detailed analysis to boost your sales and to engage your customers more effectively. Companies use SnowPlow to collect event data using various platforms, such as mobile apps, websites and service side systems. SnowPlow collects the respective data which can be

Cohort analysis is becoming an essential form of data analysis for e-commerce platforms. There are a number of tools which can enable you to perform a cohort analysis. Data derived after performing a cohort analysis can be particularly useful for formulating new marketing strategies and you can also have something special to show with your

Gathering, investigating and finding insights from a vast variety of data is relatively a tough job. It becomes even harder when you see that the data is spread over dozens of accounting systems, marketing technologies, etc. This is one of the major problems professionals are facing these days.

SMAC is a modern concept based in 4 technologies that are currently driving the business innovation and transforming the way businesses do business. It stands for Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud. If you need to prepare a presentation around these concepts you can download the SMAC PowerPoint template prepared in a way that can help to describe and

SAS Visual Analytics is a powerful business intelligence solution with visualization features that are easy enough to be used by anyone, be it an advanced computer user like an IT pro or a novice computer user doing desk work. Moreover, the data visualization provided by SAS Visual Analytics is not basic but rather it weaves

If you need help designing your next Hadoop solution based on Hadoop Architecture then you can check the PowerPoint template or presentation example provided by the team Hortonworks. The company did just release a set of icons in a PowerPoint presentation so you can build nice flow charts and other visual representations of big data architectures

Big Data analysis tools have become quite essential for not only organizing large chunks of data but also to view visual representations for gaining insight regarding various performance metrics. We have previously brought you reviews for Tableau, Analysis Factory and Microsoft’s HDInsight, which are Big Data solutions for businesses. Another very useful resource for this

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