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Jun 12 2017

Best way to get Free Fico Score ONe time, why do t. myFICO® Forums #credit

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MV and I are showing our ages. I know this one from a Robert Heinlein 1966 sci-fi novel called The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. The acronym I know is TANSTAAFL, There Ain’t No Such Thing as a Free Lunch. Looks like MV can’t bring himself to say “ain’t”, even as an abbreviation.

But anyway, there are no free FICO scores anywhere. They’re a business, just like any other. In addition, the CRA’s charge to generate FICO scores, and they charge more than they do for their bogus home-grown FAKO’s. So yes, FICO’s do cost you. I suppose if you’re applying for a mortgage, and your lender has pulled your scores, you might be able to sweet-talk him or her into telling you what they are, but that will cost you hard inqs on your credit reports.

Your best bet for now is to use the current discount code of GOALS25, which is good through January. Use it for the Credit Complete product, which pulls all three scores (from EQ, EX, and TU.) It’s a good idea to have a base-line set of scores, and you can come back and compare in the future to see your progress. Unlike some of us (=me), you don’t need to pull scores frequently. It just seems to be my only vice these days.

edit: should have said that the GOALS25 code gets you 25% off.

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