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Jun 11 2017

Auto Glym HD Carnauba Wax #auto #transport

#auto glym

Auto Glym HD Carnauba Wax

Complete car wax with Auto Glym HD Wax High Definition Wax For the Ultimate Finish.

BMW Valet with Clay Bar Auto Glym HD

High Definition Wax contains a carefully balanced complex blend of durable polymers, Carnauba and microcrystalline waxes, combined with selected solid saturated hydrocarbons and oils.

Surfaces treated with High Definition Wax display very high gloss combined with exceptional resistance to environmental contaminants e.g. salt, detergents, UV light, acid rain, industrial fallout, etc. The product is completely free of abrasives, water and emulsifiers.

High Definition Wax represents a major step forward in product advancement and combines the ultimate finish with the ultimate in protection. It is designed to meet the needs of car owners wishing to achieve a finish to concour standard.

High Definition Wax is simply the finest car wax Autoglym has ever produced.

BMW Valet with Clay Bar Auto Glym HD

BMW Valet with Clay Bar Auto Glym HD

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