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Jul 28 2017

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The USA s Best Architecture Schools in Research: 2009/13 results

Every five years we rate the world s architecture schools on their research performance. The next survey will be conducted in 2014. Results for our 2009/13 survey are shown here. We provide two indicators:

  • Median Research Score
  • Percentage of staff in the top quartile

For information on what these numbers mean, read this page. Can t find your school? Find out why .

We want to be very clear about one thing before you proceed (assuming you are too lazy to click the numerous links on this page that explain in meticulous detail the methodology and object of our rankings). We rank the schools in terms of research. not in terms of teaching. Great if you are thinking of postgraduate courses. We make no claim that our highest rated schools will get you a great job as an architect.

Our 2009/13 rankings

We provide data on 103 American schools. The NAAB accredits 117, and the ACSA has 122 members (2010 data). Can t find your school? Find out why. Click on the headings to sort.

Other assessments

The magazine DesignIntelligence (DI). provides an annual rankings list of American schools. It purports to guide prospective students to the light: you just have to pay them a hefty fee to receive this illumination. We think DI s report is crap, the sort of crap that gives crap a bad name: read our hefty critique of DI .

At Architectural Blatherations we make few claims about the use or validity of our rankings. We simply put them forward as an indicator of research performance.

The room Architectural Blatherations in Dr Garry s Terrace ceased updating in 2014, after 14 years of operation.

I’ve moved on to other projects. The other rooms in Dr Garry s Terrace are alive and well. Check out my other rooms with my ruminations. family board games. historical charts. and podcast on biblical history .

  • Witold Rybczynski, our favourite critic
  • The Archinect Forum, for fun discussions
  • Notes on Becoming a Famous Architect, a blog with much hilarity

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