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Nov 30 2017

Andrews International (AI) is a leading global provider of security solutions and risk mitigation services. The company supports customers nationally and internationally, with direct operations in the United States, Canada, Central and South America. We also support customers directly and through regional vetted alliance partners in Europe, Middle East and Northern Africa (MENA), Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia-Pacific.

Andrews International is the leader in professional training for the security and law enforcement professional and for those seeking to enter into the security field. We maintain a state-of-the-art, multi-million-dollar training facility in Burbank, California, that is unequaled in the industry.

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Security Solutions Customized to Your Needs

Andrews International (AI) provides full-service security and risk management solutions specialized to customer needs in a variety of industries. Our strategic partnership approach involves integrating security with focused customer service, risk analysis and resource optimization to provide solutions that become part of our customer’s corporate culture.

Andrews International is headquartered in Los Angeles, is the largest private, American-owned full-service security provider in the United States, supporting customers nationally and internationally.

Andrews International
Core Capabilities

Andrews International is one of the premier professional providers of a comprehensive range of superior security and risk mitigation services.

Security management and protection in today’s complex world requires the highest level of competence; access to, and deployment of, the latest technologies; and unparalleled experience in a broad range of situations and environments.

Andrews International
Fast Facts

Andrews International (AI) is a national security company and part of one of the largest security companies in the U.S. With localized customer focus through direct operations in the U.S. Canada, Central, Latin and South America, and security solutions provided in more than 125 countries. AI’s integrated, single-source approach to security and risk mitigation offers consistent delivery of services enterprise-wide.

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