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Sep 30 2017

All About Multiple Sclerosis: MS news and information on diagnosis, symptoms & treatments #multiply #sclerosis


All About Multiple Sclerosis

All About Multiple Sclerosis aims to provide accurate and comprehensive medical information about multiple sclerosis (MS) written in plain English by people living with the disease and its symptoms. It contains a detailed description of multiple sclerosis, a large archive of news stories about MS, an MS encyclopedia and a large links section containing hundreds of commented and rated links. It also has a list of famous people with multiple sclerosis and personal accounts, poems and essays by people with MS. The site receives no sponsorship from pharmaceutical or other financially interested companies and maintains absolute editorial independence.

Every effort is made to ensure that the information is medically up-to-date and accurate.

Please sign the guest book which is further on down this page.

What is Multiple Sclerosis? This section explores the disease. what might cause it. it’s types, symptoms. treatments. diagnosis. prognosis and other features. I’ve tried to give this a more of a scientific slant than is usual for descriptions of the disease and I’ve attempted to look toward the horizon to explain the various directions that MS research is going. Cowboy’s Multiple Sclerosis News

This is an archive of news articles about MS and related issues. About 70 new articles are added each week in around three or four updates. This section has articles about the latest multiple sclerosis research, medline abstracts, political and disability issues and human interest stories. All the articles are indexed by a local search engine.

A large detailed encyclopedia/glossary of things relevant to Multiple Sclerosis, explained in a simple straightforward way with links to other web resources. It includes symptoms like optic neuritis. L’Hermittes sign. spasticity. fatigue etc. diagnostic procedures like the new diagnostic criteria. MRI. VEP. Babinsky’s sign. etc. neurological things such as EDSS. lesion. myelin. neuron. brainstem. etc. acquired immunity. endothelium. EAE. etc. treatments such as Rebif. Copaxone. Betaseron/Betaferon. Avonex. Antegren. Campath-1H. 4-aminopyridine. Amantadine. etc. immunological things like T-Cells and much, much more besides. Remember that treatment decisions should be made in consultation with a qualified medical professional.

Here is a list of famous people living with the disease.

This is an account of my personal experience with multiple sclerosis.

This is an account of Eve Stevens’ experience with multiple sclerosis.

This is an account of Ken and Marg Short’s experience of living with Primary Progressive MS.

This is an account of Julieanne’s personal experience of using Cytoxan to treat her MS.

This is an account of Deann’s personal experience of using Antegren to treat her MS.

This is an account of David Sturt’s personal experience of using Campath-1H to treat his MS. David also runs a site about Campath and MS.

This is an account of Marcy Canavan’s personal experience of using Novantrone to treat her MS.

This is an account of Jeff Newman’s experience with multiple sclerosis, his experience of using Betaseron to treat it and how he deals with MS associated Erectile Dysfunction.

This is an account of Gaylan Ritchie’s experience with multiple sclerosis.

This is an account of Craig Garrison’s experience of an autologous stem cell transplant for secondary progressive multiple sclerosis.

This is an account of Judith Cooper’s experience with multiple sclerosis.

This is an account of Joan Carter’s experience with multiple sclerosis.

This is an account of Jim Carter’s experience with multiple sclerosis.

Here are loads of links to web resources and other people’s homepages. There’s lots of good stuff here – please let me know if any of these links are defunct. I’m constantly adding new ones. Please suggest some good sites if you think I should add these as well.

Here is some poetry, prose, personal experiences and artwork by people who are living with MS. Contributions are more than welcome.

Here is some software that I have written down the years. These are fun and completely off topic but the idea is that people who find them fun should donate some dosh to one of the named multiple sclerosis charities.

UK Beta Interferon Campaign

The UK campaign to have beta interferon prescribed within the UK on the National Health Service is now resolved by the government agreeing to let 10,000 people with MS use the drug as part of a massive extended trial.

There’s quite a lot of stuff on these pages and there will be even more soon. You can use these search engines to find things that you are looking for.

And here’s a list of all the pages that have been added or updated recently – this is updated every Saturday.

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