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Jan 31 2018

Agile Product Management Training – Pivotal Product Management, agile product management with scrum.#Agile #product #management


Agile Product Management Training

Agile product management with scrumHas your software development team adopted an Agile method like Scrum, XP, Lean Development, Crystal, FDD, or DSDM? If so, the implications for product management go far beyond just a different way of writing requirements. And yet, CSPO or other Agile certification prep courses just scratch the surface of how product management and product marketing activities need to change to take advantage of the new cadence and capabilities of the development teams.

Supplement CSPO training with our 2-day Agile Product Management Intensive workshop. It covers core product management principles and process, helping Product Owners step up their contribution to the business and enabling them to be stronger partners with the product management team. Product managers who have worked with traditional development teams gain updated methods and new insight into creating successful products.

This workshop is available for corporate teams of six or more participants. Let us tailor a course for you! You can personalize your course in the following ways:

  • Choose from optional modules on business cases, Agile requirements and user stories, release planning, forecasting and pricing.
  • Incorporate your process model, terminology, and role definitions
  • Incorporate example work products and artifacts from your team
  • Change the timing on modules to address topics in greater depth or with a lighter touch or not at all!

Who Should Attend?

  • New product managers and product owners who need to quickly understand the scope, processes, methods, tools and deliverables of product management.
  • Experienced product managers who want to leverage the advantages of Agile development methods to get products to market faster and with greater success.
  • Any members of the product team (especially product marketers and technical leaders) who need a thorough grounding in processes involving cross-functional participation.


  • Go to market faster by using processes that help you choose, define, and launch products efficiently.
  • Ensure that your products meet real customer needs, deliver lasting competitive advantage, and realize revenue and profits sooner.
  • Ensure that best practices are taking root in your organization with an individualized follow-up coaching session.

Included in the Course

  • Two full days of live, highly interactive training led by expert instructors
  • All course materials
  • Essential best practice tools and templates
  • Optional: 45-minute individual coaching sessions

Course Details

Fee: Call for team pricing

Format: Instructor-led training. Virtual delivery and licensing options available.

Location: On-site at your facility

  • Agile product management with scrum
  • Agile product management with scrum
  • Agile product management with scrum
  • Agile product management with scrum
  • Agile product management with scrum
  • Agile product management with scrum
  • Agile product management with scrum

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