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Aug 31 2018

Access Control Systems

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Site Access Control System

What if there was an easier way to track who is on site at all times and ensure entry is granted only to approved workers? There is with Rapid Access Systems from Rapid Global. Providing secure site control through an ID swipe card sign in solution, Rapid Access Systems software and hardware is the easiest way to verify and grant onsite access to employees and contractors.

Rapid Access Systems is perfect for companies who have site security concerns, or a need to track who is on site. When used in conjunction with Contractor Management software it is a comprehensive sub-contractor management solution.

If your company is concerned about personnel or contractors accessing your premises without proper authority, our access control system is the perfect gatekeeper.

Some of Australia’s biggest companies like Ford, Powerwater, Ausgrid and Mirvac already rely on Rapid Global to grant access to their employees and contractors. From property management, to transport and manufacturing, a Rapid Access System can be designed to suit any business category or industry.

How Rapid Access Systems Work.

1) Prior to arriving on site, workers can complete their inductions and provide documentation such as insurance certificates.

2) On arrival to the site, workers can sign in to the access system terminal using their pre-delivered ID card or print an ID card on the spot.

3) The system will search the database to find the compliance status of the individual (i.e. induction completed, documentation up to date) and display alerts or deny access if company documents are expired or if induction is not complete. There is even an option to complete induction and provide new documents on the spot.

Swipe Card Systems

Swipe card systems provide instant verification of the workers credentials, including their induction data, company insurances and can even include tracking man hours. Swipe contractor ID card systems produce real time results and can allow you to suspend a company (due to expired certificates for example) and subsequently immediately prevent site access to that company s employees or sub-contractors.

Site Access Hardware Options

An extension of Rapid Induct, Rapid Access Systems provides hardware such as kiosks, turnstiles and swipe card entry systems as well as online hosted software for the control of on-site access to your workplace. Used in conjunction with data enabled ID cards issued through the Rapid Induct and Rapid Contractor Management systems, Rapid Access systems ensure entry to your site is restricted to only fully inducted and compliant workers.

Alcohol Testing Units and Key Dispensers

Our solutions can include breath testing units for alcohol testing of workers at point of site entry. Immediate alerts of positive readings are sent to management via SMS and email. Full integration with our online Rapid Contractor Management and Rapid Induct software ensures seamless and safe site entry.

Key dispenser units ensure contractors entering after hours or to unmanned sites are only allocated their relevant key. Linked to Rapid Contractor Management, the on site and online system ensures only inducted and compliant (insured etc.) contractors are permitted entry.

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